Bahamas: The Exumas

On a recent trip overseas we spent a few nights in the Bahamas.  We were blown away by the photos and Instagram posts we came across while researching travel destinations so we just had to go.

The flight from Nassau to the Exuma Islands was the first highlight of the trip. The water was the bluest blue we’d ever seen, pictures don’t even do it justice.

We stayed on an island called Black point which is a short boat ride to Staniel Caye, the more popular island. Black point is very small but had everything we needed, we were the only foreigners staying on this Island. We hired a boat for the two days to get around from island to island and explore at our own pace.

The Exuma Islands exceeded our expectations. In no particular order these were the highlights of the trip:

  1. Pig Beach: This beach was AMAZING…. if you don’t mind swimming with a bunch of very hungry and very bossy pigs. This was at the top of our Bahamas bucket list so when our boat pulled up to the island we were quick to jump off and join in the fun. Immediately we were greeted by some very brash pigs, desperate for any food we had to offer them. Lucky we came prepared with plenty of bread, a go-pro and a lot of enthusiasm!
  2. Swimming with the nurse sharks: Apparently these are just like giant Catfish but I like to pretend we were swimming with sharks. This was a massive highlight! You have to pay to visit the Island but it was well worth it. They’re very friendly and not scared to swim up and give you a nudge. Bring your snorkel so you can get up close an personal!
  3. Iguana Island: I am most certainly not a fan of lizards/creepy crawlies so it was pretty scary seeing all the Iguanas come running out of the bush as soon as our boat pulled up. Turns out they’re a big fan of potato chips! Still a worthwhile experienced, it felt like Jurassic Park.





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