Scarabeo Camp

We arrived at Scarabeo mid morning after a 45 minute drive with a very chatty driver who told us, out of all the camps he’s seen, Scarabeo is his favourite. It’s only about a 45 minute drive from busy Marrakech but once you arrive you feel like you’re deep into the desert.

We drove past a few camps that were visible from the road however Scarabeo is more inland and a lot more private.

The camp itself is beautifully designed with a bohemian Moroccan vibe.

We stayed in the luxury tent which had its own bathroom (for the standard tents there are communal showers and toilets). The decor and design of the camp is divine! Every other traveller we saw was doing just as we were, taking thousands of snaps as soon as they arrived.

After exploring the camp and settling into our tent we were served a delicious and healthy lunch. Lots of yummy colourful veggies with beef skewers and tea (of course!).

We booked a camel ride for sunset hour which was perfect because the weather had cooled a lot by then. Even though Marrakech was less than an hour away by car it felt like we were a million miles away. The camp looks even more amazing at sunset, enjoying a rosè watching the sun go down was a highlight.

The best bit about camping is you’re in bed early and up nice and early the next day… we caught the most stunning sunrise (just before it disappeared behind some clouds). I’d highly recommend setting that alarm and opening up your tent door (flap?) to embrace it.

There’s not a whole lot to do at the camp so one night was perfect, it gives you enough time to sign off from the world and relax… in a pretty epic setting!




Fresh and colourful lunch at the camp


Our private bathroom











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