Bocas Del Toro

Our first stop in Panama was Bocas Del Toro, a collection of islands just off the main land. It’s easy enough to get to from Puerto Viejo and probably a quicker drive than getting there from Panama City.

We stayed on Bastimento island, at Selina red frog which is just a short walk away from the popular Red Frog Beach. It’s a nice island with good beaches and a lot quieter than the main island but in hindsight I’d have preferred to stay on the main island. There’s a lot more happening on Bocas, lots of restaurants and bars, the beaches aren’t as nice but it’s easy enough to get a taxi boat to the other islands for the day.

We had fairly good weather for the week that we were there, we had a couple of sunny days and a bit of rain but the majority of our stay was dry and humid.

The best experience we had was a boat tour to Zapatilla island which is a national park. It was the most beautiful day we’d had in Bocas, very hot and sunny so the water was extra blue. It’s a beautiful beach on a small island (you can walk around it in 30 minutes). The water is crystal clear but there’s not much to see snorkelling, its more of a relaxing and picturesque island. We also stopped by Sloth island to watch the residential sloths in action. That was a highlight for me as I looooveee sloths and we got fairly close to them from the boat. They’re hard to spot otherwise so it was good to see them with a guide.

Bocas is fairly relaxing, there are plenty of day trips available but it’s nice just to hire bikes for the day and explore the main island or catch the taxi boats to the smaller islands to snorkel or relax on the beach.

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