San Blas islands

Visiting the San Blas islands is one of the main attractions in Panama. Some tourists opt for a quick day trip but we decided to get the full experience and booked a 4 night stay on a private yacht.

It was the low season so we were wary of the weather but luckily we had 4 amazing days with only a bit of afternoon rain.

Our captain was called Pollo and he speaks French, Spanish and a bit of English so we had some interesting conversations in a range of broken languages. He was great, he cooked 3 meals for us everyday and took us snorkelling, fishing and to at least 3 different islands a day to explore.

Some of the islands are tiny (3 palm trees and a bit of sand makes up an ‘island’) but they’re all beautiful and surrounded by clear blue water. Some are inhabited by locals who live in small huts with a handful of family members. The larger islands are home to around 1000 people and include a school, hospital, supermarket etc. The locals are all really friendly (except no one speaks English- go figure!) so there’s a lot of smiling and nodding from our part.

The whole experience was so relaxing, we didn’t have wifi the whole time so we totally switched off from reality for a few days and just enjoyed being on the ocean, waking up to a ready made breakfast and starting our day with a swim in a new area of San Blas each morning.

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