Peru | Rainbow Mountain

We were sceptical about visiting Rainbow Mountain at first because we’d heard contrasting reports (depending on the weather the colour of the mountain can change a fair bit) and didn’t want to be disappointed.

It’s roughly a 3 hour walk to the peak of the mountain and in such high altitude it’s not an easy feat but I can happily say it’s well worth the experience. The walk itself is amazing, we went on the most beautiful sunny day, the surrounding mountains are so green and lush and home to many llamas and alpacas.

The walk was not easy, our tour stared at 4am so it’s a very early start however the walk didn’t commence until mid morning after a few hours of driving and a breakfast stop. The drive around the mountains is amazing but quite scary, the road is on a narrow cliff edge. We were assured our driver was a professional and he had done the drive many times before but it still had me on edge (pardon the pun). The first half of the walk is fairly moderate and then it starts to get quite steep and the high altitude becomes more and more noticeable. The top of the mountain is at over 5,000m high so it’s recommended to visit Rainbow Mountain after a few days of acclimatising to the high altitude. We were pretty well acclimatised but still struggled and had to take a few breaks along the way.

The mountain really is a natural beauty, the different types of minerals and alterations form layers of colour, creating a rainbow like appearance (hence the name).

At the top of the mountain there are little stalls selling snacks and drinks so once we’d caught our breath it was nice just to sit and relax for a while before starting the descent. Overall the time spent at Rainbow Mountain was about 6 hours so we had sufficient time to take photos and admire the stunning landscape. Snaps below…

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