Bolivia | Salt Flats

Our trip to Bolivia revolved around doing a tour of the salt flats in Uyuni. We were amazed and intrigued by all the pictures that we’d seen on social media and were eager to check it out in person.

We booked our tour through Red Planet, the itinerary and tour details can be found here: Red Planet Tour. It’s a fairly basic tour but I’d definitely recommend it, Uyuni is not a glamorous place so I can’t imagine too many tours are luxurious. Most tour companies let you know before booking this tour that the facilities are very basic and the terrain can be quite harsh. It’s well worth it though and we were pleasantly surprised with how good the meals were. We started the tour in Uyuni, Bolivia and ended the tour in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. This is an option the tour company gave us and it worked well because we got to explore the Atacama desert for a few days after the tour.

Seeing the salt flats at sunset was definitely the stand out of the tour. It’s amazing to just look around at the vast and impressive landscape. The salt flat in Bolivia is the largest in the world and it really is a spectacular experience, you feel like you’re a million miles away from any civilisation because it’s just white salt and blue sky as far as the eye can see. We were surprised when we got to Inca Huasi Island, it’s the only sign of life for miles and the contrast between the greenery, the blue sky and the white salt looks quite spectacular.

Another highlight was the natural hot springs on the second night, the steaming hot water was a warm welcome after the sun went down. The nights were fairly cold so we took a bottle of wine to the hot spring and sat and enjoyed gazing at the stars.

There’s a lot of driving involved in the tour because we covered so much ground but it’s worth it because there’s so much to see. I’ll let the pictures and the captions do the talking…

Train Cemetery ‘Cementerio de trenes‘, on day 1. The train lines were constructed by the British from 1888- 1892 and carried minerals until the 1940’s when the mining industry collapsed and they became abandoned.
You can climb on the trains and walk along the roof (at your own risk!)

The salt flats on a hot and sunny day, the patterns they make along the ground looked incredible.
Having fun taking some perspective photos


Enjoying the salt flats at sunset

Inca Huasi Island- the only sign of life on the salt flats for miles! Great place for cactus lovers like me- they are huge and plentiful!


Aerial view of the island

Laguna Colorada- Beautiful pink lake full of flamingos

Flamingos mid flight


The ‘Rock Tree’


Boiling hot geysers. On a cold day it was nice to stand near them and feel the warm steam however you couldn’t do this for too long as the smell of sulphur was very overpowering.

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